The Name's Brody

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Sweet Love/Brochel 

Brody stared down at his phone in shock. Was Rachel really ready for him? He thought that maybe there would be more touching but now.. now he was in complete shock. He had already been headed out to go to her place but turned around and went back to his place. He changed into something sexier.. but also easier to get off. Button up shirt and jeans would be easier for her to remove for him. He grabbed a few condoms and put them in his pocket not knowing how many times she would want to go tonight. He didn’t know if this was even gonna happen but he was willing to treat her good. He made his way to her place going slow to make sure he himself was ready for this. It wouldn’t be just sex. Not like he did with other girls. This would be different and he didn’t know how that would go. He finally got to her door and stood looking at it for a few minutes before taking a deep breath and knocking.